The Rome-Floyd County Commission on Children and Youth was created in 1989 by the Georgia General Assembly (House Bill 789).  Below are excerpts from the legislation:

  • to study the needs, issues, and problems in Rome-Floyd County related to children and youth
  • to gather data on issues
  • to identify specific problems and areas of concern
  • to propose solutions to problems and way of ameliorating concerns
  • to plan and implement programs to effectuate solutions
  • to secure and expend funds for programs
  • to identify and coordinate existing resources for dealing with problems of children and youth
  • to publicize and disseminate information relating to issues of children and youth

                           President, Board of Directors

1990  Dr. Darrell Dean                           2005   Anne Rigas

1991  Dr. Darrell Dean                           2006   Sue Broome

1992  Dr. Dean/Judge Pape                  2007    Esther Vaughn

1993  Judge Timothy Pape                    2008    Ryan Earnest

1994  Judge Timothy Pape                    2009    Dr. George Pullen

1995  Linda Dean                                  2010     Suzanne Clonts

1996  Linda Dean                                  2011      Linda Dean

1997  Dr. Gayland Cooper                     2012     Larry Alford

1998  Don Lovell                                    2013    Ouida Sams

1999  Judge Timothy Pape                    2014    William James

2000  Ryan Earnest                               2015    Dr. John Barnett

2001  Jim Burton                                    2016    Dr. Steve Dennis

2002  Rosemarie Newman                    2017    Dr. Jacqueline McDowell

2003  Bill O’Dell                                     2018    Dr. Jacqueline McDowell

2004 Sonya Castenada/Anne Rigas     2019    Matthew Peer

                             Executive Directors

Betsy Storey                                        Cheryl Legette

Jackie Harrison                                     Barbara Earle

Sue Hitchcock                                      Dr. Carol Willis