Family Connection Five Year Plan

Following a community wide assessment a number of community leaders developed a strategic plan to address issues which evolved through that  process.  The Five Year plan found below addresses two main issues — developing youth and strengthening families in Floyd County.  We need you to help our community turn some of the problems around.

Floyd County Family Connections Five Year Plan 2015

Floyd County Kids Count Data

This information provides helpful data on a number of child welfare issues in Floyd County.  It also compares the data for Floyd County with the data for Georgia.

Below is a link to the recent media release from Georgia Family Connection pertaining to the recent Kids Count publication.  As far as data pertaining to child well-being indicators, Georgia has improved its ranking from 43 to a rank of 42 (we want to strive to be ranked #1 not #50).  In the inaugural issue of Kids Count back in the 90s Georgia was ranked 48.  We still have a long way to go in our state.

Over the years Floyd County has made great strides in the teen pregnancy rate and high school graduation rates, and we want to continue focusing on these issues. Our biggest overarching challenges for children, youth, and families continue to be child abuse and neglect which we know are greatly affected by poverty, substance abuse, and mental health issues.

Thank you for what you are doing to make this community a healthier environment for children and families.


You may also find data about other counties and regions as well as data about other states by clicking on the Georgia Kids Count logo to the right.